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duikeysWe talk about drunk driving fairly often on this blog.  One reason is our commitment to advocacy — as a Sonoma injury law firm we are proud to advocate on behalf of those injured or killed by drunk drivers.  Another reason is our commitment to prevention – drunk driving accidents are 100% preventable and we hope the information we provide helps convince people that alcohol and driving do not mix.  Today’s post looks at a frightening drunk driving accident in Petaluma and then takes a closer look at the meaning of blood alcohol content (“BAC”) numbers and how they impact a person’s ability to drive.

Driver Slams into Window of Petaluma Business

According to a report by CBS San Francisco, police arrested a man early Monday morning after a scary crash in Petaluma.  Just after 1:30 AM, police responded to a call from the 100 block of Petaluma Boulevard North.  When they arrived, they found a car had driven into the display window of a business which, luckily, was closed at the time of the incident.

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