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With all the knowledge and information available today, there is no excuse for driving drunk.  Yet, some people continue to do so and some do so over and over again.  Repeat drunk drivers, a problem also referred to as drunk driving recidivism, are a danger to all of us.  As a Sonoma DUI injury law firm, we have seen the consequences firsthand and we are committed to helping individuals and families impacted by drunk driving.

Woman Arrested Twice for Alcohol-Related Offenses in Less Than Twenty-Four Hours

Although not technically a case of drunk driving recidivism, an incident last week had us wondering just what it takes for some people to learn that drunk driving is not okay.  The Press Democrat reports that a Petaluma woman was arrested for public intoxication around 10 AM on Monday May 23 and bailed out of jail around 9 PM that day.  Just five hours later, at approximately 2AM on Tuesday, witnesses called to report that an SUV had been in an accident.  Petaluma police arrived to find the same woman that had recently left the jail sitting behind the wheel of the SUV.  The SUV had hit a fence and collided with a parked vehicle before rolling over.  Police smelled alcohol and the woman, who was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital, eventually agreed to a screening test that put her blood alcohol level at 0.19, more than twice the legal limit at which someone is presumed too drunk to drive.  The woman was, once again, booked into jail, this time on charges of felony drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

duikeysWe talk about drunk driving fairly often on this blog.  One reason is our commitment to advocacy — as a Sonoma injury law firm we are proud to advocate on behalf of those injured or killed by drunk drivers.  Another reason is our commitment to prevention – drunk driving accidents are 100% preventable and we hope the information we provide helps convince people that alcohol and driving do not mix.  Today’s post looks at a frightening drunk driving accident in Petaluma and then takes a closer look at the meaning of blood alcohol content (“BAC”) numbers and how they impact a person’s ability to drive.

Driver Slams into Window of Petaluma Business

According to a report by CBS San Francisco, police arrested a man early Monday morning after a scary crash in Petaluma.  Just after 1:30 AM, police responded to a call from the 100 block of Petaluma Boulevard North.  When they arrived, they found a car had driven into the display window of a business which, luckily, was closed at the time of the incident.

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