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For many women, and an increasing number of men, a day at the spa is a small luxury that leaves them relaxed and feeling attractive.  Nail salons and spas offer a wide range of services, especially if you include so-called “health spas” in the mix.  Recently, a news story brought national attention to an extreme service offered at some spas after an employee died while using a treatment device that is increasingly popular with athletes and celebrities.  However, the risks lurking at salons are not limited to the more unusual services.  The danger of spa and nail salon injuries is very real, lurking behind even popular, wide-spread services like manicures and pedicures.  As a salon injury lawyer in San Francisco with additional salon injury law offices in Sonoma and Oakland, Attorney Brod is prepared to help individuals who went to a spa seeking bliss and instead found injury and pain.

The Extreme: Worker Dies Using Cryotherapy Chamber at Nevada Spa

An Associated Press (“AP”) report carried by details the disturbing death of a young spa employee in Las Vegas.  According to the article, a fellow employee found the 24-year-old woman frozen to death inside a cryotherapy chamber earlier this month.  It appears the deceased used the chamber after closing a day prior.  Cryotherapy involves putting users into a chamber for just a minute or two and using liquid nitrogen to achieve sub-zero temperature.  Proponents, including athletes, say it can relieve post-exercise pain, improve healing, and increase circulation.  Some salons also tout the treatment as a weight loss aid and anti-aging remedy.

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