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We all know that the cost of housing in San Francisco has skyrocketed in recent years resulting in a shortage of affordable rental housing.  What you may not know is that these market forces have also resulted in a startling increase in the number of tenants facing eviction.  In far too many cases, landlords are using wrongful evictions to chase out existing tenants, particularly lower-income renters, and profit from rising prices.  Our San Francisco wrongful eviction lawyer helps tenants who have been illegally pushed out of their housing or otherwise harassed by a landlord in violation of city and/or state laws.

Article Examines the Rising Number of Eviction Notices in San Francisco

This week, the Peninsula Press, an award-winning project of the Stanford Journalism Program, published a fascinating (and upsetting) look at eviction notices in San Francisco.  According to their data, eviction notices have increased 60% since 2011, a major concern in a city where two-thirds of the population lives in rental housing.  In 2011, nearly six tenants a day received eviction notices for a total of 2,080 notices served last year.  Notably, the Mission, Sunset, South of Market, and Tenderloin neighbrentorhoods accounted for over a quarter of the eviction notices served in the past six years.  These numbers only count notices, not actual evictions, but it is also important to remember that one eviction may leave a whole family homeless.

“Almost no one is moving to San Francisco to save money.” We love our region, but the opening line in recent Associated Press article, carried by U.S. News & World Report, is a truth Bay Area residents feel in their tightening wallets.  Research by real estate data firm Zillow found that city rents jumped 15% over the past year with the average home rent hitting $3,129 in March.  This cost makes tenant protections, including rent control, even more important, especially for long-term city residents.  Our San Francisco tenants’ attorney is glad to share the news that the Supreme Court of California has helped strengthen those protections.

The Facts: Landlord Nearly Doubles Tenant’s Rent

As the San Francisco Chronicle reported, last Wednesday the state’s highest court unanimously declined to review a First District Court of Appeal decision handed down in January.  In doing so, the court allows the appellate decision favoring a San Francisco tenant to stand.  Brian Govender has lived at 999 First Street, close to Alamo Square, since November 2003.  At the time, Govender was only 13 and not named in the lease.  His parents moved out in August 2012 and owner Mosser Companies moved to raise the monthly rent from $1,681.75 to $3,295.

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