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As summer arrives in Northern California, many people are getting ready to hit the water.  We are lucky to have such a wide range of options for water recreation in our area including the ocean, lakes, and swimming pools.  Most people are aware that there is always a risk of drowning, even in fairly shallow waters.  Our San Francisco recreational injury lawyer wants to make sure that people are also aware of a lesser known type of drowning, electric shock drowning.

Two Recent Reports of Suspected Electric Shock Drowning

In recent weeks, there have been multiple news stories about electric shock drowning.  On May 31, AOL reported on a teenage girl who died in a suspected electric shock drowning incident this spring.  The girl’s father says she and her friends were swimming in a lake when he lowered a metal ladder into the water to provide them a way to climb back out.  He soon saw that the girls were in distress and when he tried to enter the water himself he felt a strong electric current.  His wife shut off power to the boat dock.  Everyone except for the daughter made it out.  Authorities suspect she died of electric shock drowning.

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