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treecrashA new study gives parents, and the public, another reason to be wary of distracted teen drivers. In a study of about fifteen-hundred teen drivers, almost half admitted to using their cellphones while driving. Startlingly, the subset of teens who considered themselves safe drivers, fared no better.

It’s the Parent’s Fault?

A whopping 88% of the “safe” teen drivers admitted to using their cell phones on the road. When asked to explain why they would take such risks, the teens expressed confidence in their ability to send a quick text message or glance at the latest social media post without causing much harm. But if you or someone you love has been injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver, then you know just how much harm a momentary glance can cause.

One of Google’s new technological innovations is the self-driving car. According to Fast Company, in 2010 Google revealed that it had created a fleet of self-driving vehicles that had logged over 100,000 miles on California roads. Since then, more vehicles have been created and logged more miles on real roads.

Earlier this month, numerous news sources, such as SFGate, reported on the lack of accident reports available for accidents involving Google’s self-driving cars. The presence of self-driving cars on the road raises additional questions about what happens when they’re involved in accidents, and who can be held liable for personal injuries resulting from those accidents.

Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles