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800px-Two-car_collision_in_the_USAWhen a vehicle accident happens, it is often caused by the negligence of one of the drivers. Sometimes, however, more than one driver may have done something to contribute to the accident. In California, you may be partially responsible for an accident and still recover damages from the other driver. This system is known as comparative negligence. Although not all states participate in this method of allocating liability, California follows what is called “pure comparative negligence.”

Pure Comparative Negligence

The system of deciding fault for an accident in California is based on pure comparative negligence. This means that when an accident occurs, all drivers who are involved are assigned a portion of responsibility for the crash. Each party may then receive any damage awards based on these percentages. For those who were partly liable for the crash, the system is a fair way to apportion fault and compensation.

When you first get your license, driving can feel like freedom.  Over time, sitting in the driver’s seat can become more about frustration.  We all experience frustrating and even enraging moments behind the wheel and how we respond can make a real difference.  Serving as a car accident lawyer in Santa Rosa and throughout Northern California, Attorney Greg Brod knows that the problems of aggressive driving are not always confined to San Francisco or other supersized cities.  Aggressive driving is a danger on EVERY roadway.

Report Looks at the Prevalence and Risks of Aggressive Driving

This month, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Study released a report titled Prevalence of Self-Reported Aggressive Driving Behavior: United States, 2014.  The report details the results of a survey of 2,705 drivers nationwide conducted in 2014.  In the survey, the researchers asked drivers to review a list of eight driving behaviors and identify whether, over the past year, they engaged in the behavior regularly, fairly often, rarely, just once, or never.  More than three-quarters of tredlighthose surveyed admitted to engaging in at least one of the listed aggressive driving behaviors in the past year including:

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