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dangerousSome roads are known for good things, perhaps picture-perfect scenery or a time-saving shortcut.  Other roads are more infamous than famous.  From a too-sharp curve to an inadequate merge lane, from a poorly constructed intersection to a pothole-ridden surface, there are a myriad of problems that can render a road unsafe.  Dangerous road conditions are a factor in many accidents, including single- and multi-vehicle crashes.  Dangerous roads lawsuits are complex, but Northern California dangerous roads lawyer Greg Brod knows they are essential to helping the injured and the grieving recover much-needed compensation and they can also push government authorities to make changes that can prevent future tragedies.

Business Owners Express Concerns After Sonoma Crash

A report by the Press Democrat about a weekend crash in Sonoma County calls attention to the issue of dangerous roads.  Around noon on Sunday, a 29 year-old driver crashed her Honda CRV into a Subaru Outback parked outside of Wild Flour Bakery on Bohemian Highway in Freestone.   In turn, the Outback crashed into a bench before plowing into the entryway of the popular bakery.  A 52 year-old sitting on the bench was injured in the chain-reaction accident.  Police arrested the driver of the CRV on suspicion of felony-level drunk driving.

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