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It is no surprise to hear that car accidents are a danger to passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicycle riders, and even bystanders.  Fewer recognize another place where people can be at risk – inside buildings.  While it may seem like a rare, headline-grabbing event, incidents involving cars crashing into building happen every day, injuring thousands and causing hundreds of fatalities every year.  Our San Francisco injury law firm is concerned.  Our team is dedicated to helping the victims (both the injured and the grieving) and preventing future tragedies.

Three Injured When Accident Sends Car Crashing into San Francisco Building

According to KRON, on Sunday afternoon, three people were taken to the hospital after an accident sent a vehicle crashing into a downtown San Francisco building.  The crash occurred near the intersection of Sutter and Taylor Streets at around 1:45 PM.  A fire department spokesperson confirmed that at least two vehicles were involved in the incident.  One of the victims suffered serious injuries while the injuries to two others were described as minor.

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