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Skin care is a major international business. A 2014 report in the New York Times detailed how South Korea has emerged as a major rival to the traditional European firms who dominated the “beauty market.” In particular, a wave of South Korean skin care products “intended to protect and heal patients’ skin after treatment”have hit U.S. markets. childhands'

Steroids in South Korean Cosmetics Leads to California Class Action

But consumers should always be cautious when assessing health claims made by skin care products. According to a recent alert issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, many skin care products should be treated as drugs, especially if they make “anti-aging” or similar claims.

Marijuana has been a topic of discussion and debate for many years.  While medical marijuana is accepted here in California, debate continues over how to control medical usage, whether to permit recreational use, and how to resolve conflicts between state and federal law.  There is one question, however, that our San Francisco injury lawyer feels has not gotten nearly enough attention – the impact of marijuana use on driving ability.

The Debate Over Driving While High and the Criminal Law Question

Over the weekend, KPIX took a look at this important issue.  Three drivers with varying histories of marijuana usage were put through a testing course in Washington state.  On the first round, despite having an unclear amount of marijuana in their systems, all three drove acceptably.  However, after smoking again, the report notes that fact that all three were high “really started to show” and one driver almost hit the photographer.

It is no surprise to hear that car accidents are a danger to passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicycle riders, and even bystanders.  Fewer recognize another place where people can be at risk – inside buildings.  While it may seem like a rare, headline-grabbing event, incidents involving cars crashing into building happen every day, injuring thousands and causing hundreds of fatalities every year.  Our San Francisco injury law firm is concerned.  Our team is dedicated to helping the victims (both the injured and the grieving) and preventing future tragedies.

Three Injured When Accident Sends Car Crashing into San Francisco Building

According to KRON, on Sunday afternoon, three people were taken to the hospital after an accident sent a vehicle crashing into a downtown San Francisco building.  The crash occurred near the intersection of Sutter and Taylor Streets at around 1:45 PM.  A fire department spokesperson confirmed that at least two vehicles were involved in the incident.  One of the victims suffered serious injuries while the injuries to two others were described as minor.

With the hustle of life in 2016, it seems like a good night’s sleep is an increasingly rare commodity.  While some treat it as almost a luxury, sleep is essential to our physical and emotional well-being.   Being well-rested is also a critical part of being a safe driver.  People who wouldn’t dream of driving drunk are driving while sleep-deprived despite evidence that drowsy driving is a threat to everyone on the road.  Our Oakland car accident injury lawyer fights for the victims of drowsy driving accidents in Northern California because they deserve compensation and because it sends a message that overly tired driving is a danger that should not be tolerated.

Police Report San Jose Death Resulted from Driver Falling Asleep at the Wheel

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a man lost his life this past Sunday in San Jose because a driver apparently fell asleep at the wheel.  California Highway Patrol (“CHP”) officials say that the victim had pulled onto the shoulder of U.S. Highway 101, north of Alum Rock Avenue, to investigate car trouble when he was struck by a Ford Ranger.  The Ford’s driver told CHP officers that he had momentarily fallen asleep at the wheel and wasn’t initially sure what he had hit.  Police say the victim was a 60-year-old man from Daly City whose wife and children were in the car at the time of the deadly accident.  The crash occurred shortly after 4 PM.

Cars are powerful machines, a fact that is easy to forget as we go about our day-to-day lives.  Occasionally, however, we are given a sharp reminder.  In some cases, this comes in the form of a close call; a driver glances down momentarily, perhaps returning a beverage to the cup holder, and looks up to with just enough time to motorcycleBbrake before hitting someone crossing the road.  Such moments make us think about what could have happened and remember how much responsibility we have behind the wheel.  Unfortunately, sometimes the reminder takes a harsher form and someone is hurt or even killed.  These moments remind us of the sheer power of the automobile, the importance of attentive driving, and the vulnerability of other travelers, especially those not protected by an automobile themselves.  As the following story of two crashes illustrates, pedestrian injuries and motorcyclist injuries are far too real and, in the opinion of our San Francisco injury law firm, far too common.

Pedestrian and Motorcycle Rider Hit in Two Crashes

A motorcycle officer and a pedestrian were injured in a pair of accidents on Tuesday.  The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a police officer aboard a motorcycle was struck by a car around 7:30 A.M. at the intersection of Leavenworth Street and Golden Gate Avenue.  A police spokesman told reporters the officer was in the far-left lane when a Volvo travelling in the same direction changed lanes, hitting the officer and sending him crashing into a nearby parked car.  The officer was injured but is expected to recover.  The driver is cooperating with investigators.

Picture an escalator.  Some people stand still, others power-walk.  Parents hold children’s hands.  Some people barely break stride as they board, others hesitate and wait for just the right moment.  Typically, the biggest concern is an out-of-service flight that turns would-be-riders into climbers.  However, as we were reminded this week, escalator accidents are a very real danger and can have life-altering or even life-ending consequences.  When people are injured or killed due to an escalator accident in Northern California, our San Francisco injury lawyer is prepared to fight for their legal rights and the compensation they deserve.

Escalator Abruptly Stops Causing Stumble and Minor Injuries

At the time of this writing, few details had emerged about a Sunday afternoon escalator accident at the Powell BART station.  ABC7 reports that a man fell backwards into four women when an escalator stopped abruptly between the platform and the concourse.  Four people received treatment for minor injuries.

Certain areas of injury law are governed by their own systems and rules.  Workplace injury suits involve a unique scheme set apart from the typical civil compensation system.  It is important to understand the limits of worker’s compensation, when it applies and when it does not and the injured can and should bring a traditional civil claim.  San Francisco injury lawyer Greg Brod has been following a developing case that, much like the case we recently discussed that tested the boundaries of medical malpractice law, helps clarify the rules for California’s injured.

Overview & Facts in Wright vs. California

In late April, as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Supreme Court of California declined to review a decision issued by the Court of Appeals, allowing the ruling that paved the way for a prison guard’s civil injury suit to stand.  According to the appellate court, a year after beginning work at San Quentin State Prison (“San Quentin”), Monnie Wright voluntarily moved into a State-owned rental unit owned within the prison’s gated grounds.  He was not required to move and he paid market rent.  The lease did require Wright to obtain rental insurance.

At times, it seems like reading the paper or watching the news requires a level of detachment.  With so many stories of personal tragedy, connecting emotionally with every report can be overwhelming.  Yet, connecting the story to the law is a key part of what we do at our San Francisco wrongful death law firm.  Connecting allows us to serve our clients on the emotional, as well as the legal, journey that follows tragedy.  Ensuring the jury connects with the plaintiff and/or victim can help us recover compensation for the client.  A personalized story can also drive home a message about accident prevention.  Today, we look at the story and the law behind a recent pedestrian fatality and we consider the potential legal implications for an accident caused by someone fleeing the police.

Kind, Warm-Hearted Woman Killed in Pedestrian Crash

crosswalk2Last Friday, a 42-year-old female pedestrian was struck and killed in San Francisco’s Financial District.  On Monday, one of the headline stories on the San Francisco Chronicle website took a closer look at the victim and the fatal accident.  At around 10 P.M., police say three men held up an individual near the intersection of Clay and Larkin.  Shortly thereafter, officers attempted to pull the trio over and the suspects fled in a Toyota Corolla.  Around the same time, Bridget Klecher was walking in the Financial District after dining with a friend.  With police in pursuit, the Toyota sped north on Leavenworth Street and plowed into Klecher as she crossed near Kearny Street.  The vehicle continued fleeing and hit another person at Post and Powell Streets before the suspects abandoned the car on Treasure Island.  While the second victim is expected to survive, Kearney later died at San Francisco General Hospital.

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