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kefrafky6sk-hernan-sanchezMost of us have trouble sleeping from time to time. While lack of sleep is somewhat commonplace, a new study indicates that it can be dangerous. The study results, released by the AAA Foundation of Traffic Safety, indicate that driving while drowsy may have the same effect as driving while under the influence of alcohol. Drowsy driving is impaired driving, and is the cause of many serious accidents and injuries every year.

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

The AAA previous issued reports that made clear the relationship of drowsy driving and an increase in vehicle accidents. The new report delves further into the effects of sleep deprivation on drivers. Sleep deprivation greatly decreases a driver’s ability to act and react. Those who are sleep deprived may fall asleep at the wheel. Nodding off while you drive is dangerous. Closing your eyes, even for just a few seconds, means that you have traveled without paying attention to the road, or to other vehicles and pedestrians. When you nod off, you are no longer in control of your car.

With the hustle of life in 2016, it seems like a good night’s sleep is an increasingly rare commodity.  While some treat it as almost a luxury, sleep is essential to our physical and emotional well-being.   Being well-rested is also a critical part of being a safe driver.  People who wouldn’t dream of driving drunk are driving while sleep-deprived despite evidence that drowsy driving is a threat to everyone on the road.  Our Oakland car accident injury lawyer fights for the victims of drowsy driving accidents in Northern California because they deserve compensation and because it sends a message that overly tired driving is a danger that should not be tolerated.

Police Report San Jose Death Resulted from Driver Falling Asleep at the Wheel

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a man lost his life this past Sunday in San Jose because a driver apparently fell asleep at the wheel.  California Highway Patrol (“CHP”) officials say that the victim had pulled onto the shoulder of U.S. Highway 101, north of Alum Rock Avenue, to investigate car trouble when he was struck by a Ford Ranger.  The Ford’s driver told CHP officers that he had momentarily fallen asleep at the wheel and wasn’t initially sure what he had hit.  Police say the victim was a 60-year-old man from Daly City whose wife and children were in the car at the time of the deadly accident.  The crash occurred shortly after 4 PM.

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