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Certain areas of injury law are governed by their own systems and rules.  Workplace injury suits involve a unique scheme set apart from the typical civil compensation system.  It is important to understand the limits of worker’s compensation, when it applies and when it does not and the injured can and should bring a traditional civil claim.  San Francisco injury lawyer Greg Brod has been following a developing case that, much like the case we recently discussed that tested the boundaries of medical malpractice law, helps clarify the rules for California’s injured.

Overview & Facts in Wright vs. California

In late April, as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Supreme Court of California declined to review a decision issued by the Court of Appeals, allowing the ruling that paved the way for a prison guard’s civil injury suit to stand.  According to the appellate court, a year after beginning work at San Quentin State Prison (“San Quentin”), Monnie Wright voluntarily moved into a State-owned rental unit owned within the prison’s gated grounds.  He was not required to move and he paid market rent.  The lease did require Wright to obtain rental insurance.

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