Defensive Driving Courses Could Reduce Accidents, Save Lives

Dual_control-300x200There are more drivers on the roadways than ever before. With so many vehicles it is no surprise that the number of accidents and injuries occurring each year continues to rise. Young drivers, old drivers, and everyone in-between can improve their driving skills by taking a defensive driving course. According to data from the National Safety Council, vehicle accidents are the leading cause of workplace injuries and deaths.

NSC Safety Courses

The National Safety Council, NSC, developed the first defensive driving course in 1964. Since then, the NSC has been a leader in providing these types of classes for many years. The safety courses have proven to have a positive impact on those who have taken them. Safety courses provide drivers with the information and tools they need to become more aware of others while driving. Defensive driving helps to reduce the number of vehicle accidents and injuries.

Defensive Driving Classes for Companies

Companies can help improve safety and reduce the risk of employee accidents when they provide their drivers with defensive driving training. The NSC offers instructor-led courses and also provides train-the-trainer courses. Companies may select an individual to get certified as an instructor. The company’s representative will then be able to provide on-premise training to employees. This is a cost-effective solution for many businesses.

Driving Courses for Young Drivers

Young and new drivers are often the most dangerous on the roads. These newly licensed individuals are not experienced and may not be aware of all the potential dangers. Young drivers are also the most likely group to drive while distracted. Distracted driving causes many thousands of accidents every year. The NSC offers a course specifically tailored to young people. “Alive at 25” is a course that centers on behavior, judgment, and decision making behind the wheel. The four-hour course is designed to complement traditional driver education programs.

Courses for Poor Drivers

The NSC offers a course for drivers who have received multiple traffic violations or have poor driving skills. The course is ideal for those who have demonstrated road rage or similar behaviors behind the wheel. The course, called “Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving” explains the way emotions can affect behavior. The course includes hands-on experience, which will help students learn how to better cope with situations that may arise while driving. Road rage is an increasing problem and one that causes accidents and puts others in danger.

Improved Driving Habits

Certainly, drivers can improve their driving habits by completing a defensive driving course. However, accidents may still occur. Some of these accidents will result in severe injuries or death. The negligent driver is responsible for compensating the victim. The victim or victim’s family may be entitled to money to cover medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Other damages may also be compensable.

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