Man Killed in Forklift Accident

800px-Ansan_134-300x225Industrial accidents can be serious and can cause life-threatening injuries. Construction sites and industrial premises are required to follow safety rules. Workers and others expect that they will be out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Injuries can occur for a number of reasons. Last month, a man was killed in a forklift accident in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. Officials classified the death as an industrial accident.

Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents are caused by human error, according to OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety). Thousands of people are injured or killed as a result of accidents in the workplace. Workplace safety is an important concern for all companies. Some industries are more dangerous than others. For example, coal mining is one of the most hazardous of all occupations in the United States. When an industrial accident occurs, it often results in serious injuries.

Forklift Operation Safety

Forklift operation can be dangerous. Companies need forklifts in their daily operations, yet they may not provide the training necessary for safe operation. Forklift operators should be educated on how to properly operate the vehicle. Forklifts can hit into people or objects, and can knock things down on top of others. Operators must take the job seriously, and cannot get behind the wheel if they are tired or impaired.

Accident Investigation

After a severe accident or industrial accident death, an investigation must take place. The purpose of the investigation is to determine the exact cause of the accident, determine negligence, and learn how to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future. In some cases, the company may be deemed negligent because of something they did wrong. For instance, an employee may not have been provided with training before being allowed to work equipment, such as a forklift.


When an accident is due to the negligence of another, they may be held responsible for any injuries and damages that resulted. For an act to be considered negligent, the person must know that his or her action (or lack of action) could cause serious harm to another. The negligent party may be covered by insurance. The insurance company generally negotiates with the victim’s attorney to resolve the matter and provide adequate payment. Compensation must cover the victim’s medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. If the victim died, his family may file a claim on the behalf of his estate. If a settlement is not reached, the matter may go to court.

Seek Justice with Legal Action

If an industrial accident results in serious injuries or death, discuss the matter with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. The law limits the time to file a claim, so you should not wait. Your attorney will review your case, gather information, and assist you in getting the compensation you deserve. Call the experienced legal team at Brod Law Firm at 800-427-7020 to schedule a free consultation today.


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