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For some, a garage is simply a place to park a car, perhaps a bit more climate-control and security than an open parking slot.  For others, a garage is an extension of the home, a place for storage and engaging in hobbies from exercise to woodworking, scrapbooking to auto repair.  No matter the use, garage safety is important.  Garage fires are particularly dangerous and surprisingly common.  Prevention is (as always) best, but when a garage fire occurs our Oakland fire injury law firm takes a close look at the facts in the context of the law to determine who is at fault and who may be owed compensation.

Fire Consumes Oakland Garage, Spreads to Home

The San Jose Mercury News reported on a weekend fire in Oakland that destroyed two cars and left two people displaced.  The fire started in the garage of the Marr Avenue home and two residents were able to escape the home before firefighters arrived.  Before the Oakland and Piedmont firefighters gained control, the blaze consumed the entire garage and spread to the house and attic.  Thankfully, no one was injured, but fire officials estimate the damage will exceed $150,000 and say the home will need work before it is habitable.  Officials say the cause remains under investigation, but it appears accidental and may have involved a malfunction involving the natural gas system.

firefighterYou have probably heard about the threat of fires and explosions linked to methamphetamine labs, but did you know that producing a potent form of marijuana poses a similar danger?  Experts in our region have linked a number of area explosions to the production of marijuana “honey oil,” also known as “hash oil” or “dabs.” The threat of injuries linked to honey oil explosions is a growing concern for our San Francisco burn injury lawyer.  Whether you favor full legalization, medical use only, or a total ban on marijuana, you need to know about this threat since it endangers both those involved in the drug market as well as mere bystanders.

Fire Officials Suspect Production of Marijuana Honey Oil Caused Petaluma Explosion

This week, ABC7 reported that fire officials suspect Monday night’s explosion of a home in Petaluma may have been sparked by butane gas used in the production of honey oil.  Just after 9 PM Monday, firefighters were called to a home near the corner of La Cresta and Haven drives.  At the scene, fire officials found light smoke along with signs of an explosion, but no active fire was present by the time the residence was cleared for entry.  Police report they questioned but did not arrest the only resident who was home when the explosion occurred.  Luckily for him, that resident suffered only minor injuries.  Fire officials report that the explosion caused about $10,000 in damage.  The cause remains under investigation, but fire officials say they believe the explosion was tied to the production of marijuana honey oil.

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