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Woodland-Path-342-196x300It is impossible to give a specific figure, yet it has become clear to investigators and lawmakers that the country’s elderly are being physically and sexually abused in astounding numbers. Elderly women, in particular, are at risk of being sexually abused by caretakers due to a decrease in their physical and mental capabilities. Meanwhile, nursing homes and care providers are doing little to protect their residents from sexual abuse or to ensure perpetrators are apprehended and prosecuted. Elderly people’s accusations of sexual assault are often dismissed as hallucinations or unbelievable due to medical conditions or side effects of medications. Other times allegations are incredibly difficult to investigate when physician and mental deficiencies make it hard to identify or describe the attacker, even when they are believed. More egregiously, some nursing homes have been found to purposefully turn a blind eye or protect attackers to avoid a scandal.

If you believe your loved one has been sexually abused at a nursing facility, contact a San Francisco elder abuse attorney at Brod Law Firm immediately to ensure your loved one is taken care of, living somewhere safe, and has the ability to seek justice.

California’s Sexual Assault Laws

Memories of one’s college years should be marked by exciting learning opportunities, deep friendships, and the occasional all-night study session.  Tragically, far too many young people are finding their memories of their college years darkened by on-campus sexual assault and/or rape.  This growing threat must be stopped.  Our San Francisco sexual assault attorney believes that civil lawsuits against universities can provide recourse of victims and can also spark changes that will keep students safe at school.

Women File Suit Against Berkeley Alleging Inadequate Response to Sexual Assault Claims

helpThis week, as detailed in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, three current and former students filed a civil suit against the University of California, Berkeley alleging the administration failed to respond appropriately to their sexual assault claims.  The women allege the school did not conduct appropriate investigations, failed to keep them informed throughout the process, and did not sufficiently punish the perpetrators.  The trio say they want to force UC Berkeley to create stronger policies and procedures for handling sexual assault claims and want harsher punishments for assailants.  They also seek monetary damages.

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