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Sports is an important part of American culture, a truth that is never more evident than in the fall when baseball is moving towards its championship and football, college and professional, is just beginning.  Far too frequently, however, we are seeing stories of fans turning violent.  We love our teams, but our San Francisco sports lawyer and his team find this type of violence completely unacceptable.   Holding the perpetrators of spectator violence accountable serves the dual purposes associated with all civil injury claims – prevention of future harm and compensation for the injured.

Video Captures Assault on Vikings Fan

stadiumAs reported by ABC7, a Vikings fan was assaulted in the parking lot of Levi’s Stadium on Monday night after the 49ers beat the Minnesota team.  A video shared on social media shows a group of 49ers fans attacking the individual as he tries to crawl away.  Police are talking to the victim and looking for witnesses, including some still-unidentified people on the video.

Like many of you, we enjoyed cheering Team USA to victory in the women’s World Cup on Sunday.  Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and the win will only add to the growing number of Americans playing and watching the game.  Of course, along with an increase in popularity comes an increase in soccer injuries.  Although most sports injuries are unfortunate accidents, sometimes, especially where children are involved, our San Francisco sports injury lawyer believes a civil lawsuit against those whose actions led to a preventable injury is appropriate.  Sports injury lawsuits compensate the injured and protect the health of all players.

Pro Golfer Injures Ankle Playing Soccer

A reminder of the reality of soccer injuries came from an unexpected source on Monday – pro-golf.  As the San Francisco Chronicle reported, Irish golfer Rory McIlroy ruptured an ankle ligament while playing soccer with friends.  McIlroy is currently ranked as the top golfer in the world, but it is unclear if he will be able to defend his British Open title next week (he’s one of two favorites).  McIlroy shared a photo of himself wearing an air cast and using crutches and told reporters that he was taking it day by day and had begun a rehabilitation program.  The left ankle is important in golf since right-handed players build swing strength by shifting weight from left to right.

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