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At the Brod Law Firm, we believe that Bay Area roads should be safe for every traveler.  As a recent news report reminds us, this includes people living with disabilities.  Whether a person is in a wheelchair or on foot, whether a person is blind or sighted, everyone should be able to navigate our streets safely.  Our Santa Rosa pedestrian accident law firm is committed to protecting all of our residents and remembering that pedestrian safety includes wheelchair safety and other forms of access for people with physical challenges.

Advocates Work for Access and Safety in Santa Rosa

Sunday’s Press Democrat included an important reminder that pedestrian safety includes access for people with a range of physical abilities.  Reporters spoke to a man who is working with Santa Rosa officials to ensure the streets are safe for people with mobility, visblindaccession, and/or hearing impairments.  He pointed out that electric cars pose a special problem for people with visual challenges since they are often nearly silent so an individual who cannot see may not know a car is approaching.  Other challenges include overly steep ramps and intersections with no ramps at all that impede access for people in wheelchairs.  A lip at the base of a ramp can also trip up someone using a cane.  Even overgrown weeds can be a real challenge.

Wheelchair users, whether using an assistive device for a short period or long-term, can face numerous obstacles in daily living.  Access has certainly improved in recent decades, but it remains a real problem even in a progressive state like California.  Even more important, however, is the issue of safety.  Car accidents involving wheelchairs are a real threat and we must hold drivers responsible for endangering wheelchair users just as we would drivers who endanger pedestrians on foot.  As a San Francisco wheelchair users’ law firm, we understand how much these cases mean for the individual involved, for the greater community of individuals with disabilities, and for everyone who recognizes that all of us are unique and we all deserve to be able to travel safely regardless of our physical characteristics.

Wheelchair User Critically Injured in Hit-and-Run

On Saturday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, a traffic accident critically injured a 72-year-old man who was using a wheelchair at the time of the crash.  Witnesses called police to the intersection of Alhambra Avenue and Virginia Hills Drive in Martinez around 4:15 PM Saturday reporting that a driver had hit a pedestrian and then fled the scene.  Upon arrival, officers found the victim lying in the roadway.  The injured man was taken to a Walnut Creek hospital and reportedly in critical but stable condition as of Saturday night.  Police located the woman they believe was the driver a short distance from the scene and placed her under arrest.

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