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jeremy-wong-298986-copy-300x200As the new coronavirus sweeps the globe, residents in nursing homes have been some of the hardest hit populations. An outbreak, which can be declared after just one of two residents test positive for the virus, can be deadly for anyone in the nursing home. Since the virus first emerged, it has been said that the people most vulnerable to the sickness are the elderly. 

Although there is seemingly little that can be done about it, the staff and owners of these nursing homes have more responsibility on their shoulders than ever. When they fail to meet that responsibility and are negligent in their duties, nursing home residents and their families can hold those staff members and nursing home owners liable for any damages. A California nursing home abuse lawyer can help families with their case.

Nursing Home Guidelines During COVID-19 Set By CMS

b3ims-0adiw-frantzou-fleurine-300x140There may come a time when you need to admit a loved one into a nursing home. Despite your care and commitment to your spouse, parent, or other family member, you may not have the skill, experience, or time necessary to truly take care of them. When a nursing home becomes a necessity, you want to make sure that you choose the best facility possible. By doing your homework and taking the time to shop around, you may be able to avoid having your loved one become a victim of elder abuse. Unfortunately, elder neglect and abuse is common across the state. It can greatly reduce your family member’s quality of life, lead to additional serious medical conditions, and directly cause their death. To find a quality facility in California, follow these steps:

Check the Facility’s State License

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Licensing and Certification program is responsible for ensuring that nursing home facilities in the state comply with all state laws. You can look up licensed facilities online. The CDPH provides information on the facilities ownership, certifications, performance, complaints, and any state action taken against it. If a facility does not appear on the site, it may not be licensed by the state and should be avoided.

500px-ViejitaA Canadian nursing home nurse was recently arrested and charged with eight counts of first-degree murder. The nurse is accused of poisoning eight residents between the years of 2007 and 2014. As terrible as these allegations are, this is only one example (albeit, a potentially tragic and incomprehensible example) of the abuse and neglect that thousands of nursing home residents face each day. Sadly, many instances of nursing home abuse or neglect go unreported and/or uninvestigated because:

  • The abuse victim feels ashamed or embarrassed about the abuse or neglect;
  • Family members or friends to whom the abuse is reported do not believe the victim;
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