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Sometimes moments go from bad to worse.  This can certainly feel like the case when you or someone you love is the victim of a hit-and-run driver.  We truly believe that most people, even if they knew they were at fault, would stop check on the individuals involved in an accident, and take responsibility.  Sadly, however, hit-and-run accidents remain a reality.  Our Oakland hit-and-run injury lawyer works with police and with private investigators to find the perpetrators of Bay Area hit-and-run crashes.  In addition to claims against the perpetrator, we can also pursue compensation via the victim’s own insurance policy.  We are committed to ensuring the injured and/or grieving receive the compensation they need and deserve following hit-and-run incidents.

Castro Valley Hit-and-Run Driver Found, Accused of Striking Two Boys with Stolen Car

CBS SF reports that authorities have located the man they believe stole a vehicle before striking two young pedestrians and fleeing the scene.  On the morning of March 7, two brothers were walking to school with their grandmother in Castro Valley.  Police say that the trio was on Meadowview Drive and heading towards Marshall Street when a black Ford Fusion veered onto the sidewalk and hit the brothers.  The crash caused severe injuries to the leg of the 6 year-old and his 8-year-old brother sustained minor injuries.

At its core, the justice system is about holding people accountable for their actions.  In the personal injury/wrongful death arena, this means making at-fault drivers (and/or other wrongdoers) face their actions and the results thereof.  Hit-and-run drivers are a prime example of individuals who have committed an egregious wrong.  Our Oakland hit-and-run injury attorney works with professionals to find these offenders (notably, legal teams often locate people the police cannot find) and then uses the justice system to ensure they face their actions.  We cannot make the perpetrators of hit-and-run accidents feel remorse, but we can make them face the consequences of their actions and compensate those they hurt.

Hit-and-Run Accident Kill San Leandro Pedestrian

pedkilledLast week, a hit-and-run driver cut short the life of 26 year old Madeline Moore of San Leandro.  As reported by the Oakland Tribune, Moore was crossing at the intersection of Hesperian Boulevard and Thornally Drive at around 9 A.M. on Monday when she was hit by a black Toyota T-100 pickup truck.  She succumbed to her injuries that afternoon.

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