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Last summer, Californians and the nation watched in disbelief as the story of the Berkeley balcony collapse unfolded.  Six people died and many others were injured in the tragedy.  The pictures were shocking and made many of us think twice before stepping out onto our own balconies and terraces.  Some ten months later, lawmakers and others are trying to figure out what went wrong.  As a San Francisco construction law firm committed to helping people injured or left grieving by dangerous structures, the Brod Law Firm is following the developments.

State Senate Looks at Safety Records and State Law in Balcony Collapse Review

As KPIX reports, a California State Senate subcommittee is looking into what caused the deadly balcony collapse last June.  State Senator Jerry Hill focused the discussion on the history of the construction company that has been accused of performing shoddy construction that allegedly led to the structural failure.  Hill noted that the company has paid some $26.5 million to settle construction defect cases in the past.

As we learn more details about last week’s tragic balcony collapse in downtown Berkeley, we are reminded how often we rely on the assumption that the buildings in which we live, work, and play are sound.   When this proves not to be the case, injuries and fatalities often follow.  In addition to premises liability claims against property owners (discussed in last week’s blog post, linked below), these tragedies can give rise to claims against those who built the faulty structure.  Today’s blog post from our San Francisco construction defect injury law firm looks at this subset of civil injury litigation.

Waterproofing Problems Eyed in Deadly Balcony Collapse

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the investigation in the balcony collapse appears to be focusing on the company responsible for waterproofing the structure.  The paper says Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates has suggested that, while the investigation is still underway, there is a “high probability” that water caused the wood supporting the fourth-floor balcony to weaken.  The article also cites experts who have examined photographs of the damage and identified signs of moisture-related rot.  Further, these experts suggest the photos show damage to the waterproof membrane intended to protect the wood supports, damage the experts believe dates back to the balcony’s construction that may have allowed moisture to invade the structure and rot the beam.

For many apartment dwellers, a balcony is their version of a backyard providing a chance to enjoy a sunny day or cool evening and functioning as an extension of their home.  Both occupants and visitors should be able to enjoy a balcony with confidence in its stability.  Sadly, as we were reminded this week, balcony and deck collapses are a very real danger.   San Francisco balcony collapse lawyer Greg Brod is prepared to use California law to help injured victims and grieving families following devastating balcony collapse tragedies.

Berkeley Balcony Collapse Kills Six, Injures Seven

In the early hours of Tuesday June 16, a balcony collapsed in downtown Berkeley claiming at least six lives and leaving seven others injured.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the collapse occurred at Liberty Gardens, a four-story apartment building on Kittredge Street near Shattuck Avenue.  The victims were attending a birthday celebration when the balcony of a top-floor apartment detached from the building and sent partygoers tumbling.  Most of those attending the party were Irish students participating in work-study programs.

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