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It’s a story we’ve followed for years – problems that plagued the Bay Bridge construction project and continue to arise more than two years after the grand re-opening.  We hope that paying attention NOW helps prevent tragedy LATER, such as the frightening collapse of the previous span during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.  As a San Francisco construction defect injury law firm, we represent plaintiffs injured by construction defects, people for whom repairs come too late.  We hope our services are never needed for injuries tied to the Bay Bridge construction (or any other project, for that matter), but when shoddy workmanship on a home, road, or any other manmade structure leads to injuries anywhere in Northern California we are here to help.

More Defects Found in Bay Bridge Components

baybridgeAccording to the San Francisco Chronicle, new documents are raising new concerns about the integrity of steel rods used in the eastern span of the Bay Bridge.  The newly released report includes statements from an independent engineer suggesting that previously discovered micro-cracks caused by water exposure are present in parts of the span far from where issues were first discovered.  Cracking could, per experts, lead to failure.  The report is part of a $20 million testing program undertaken after flooded sleeves caused cracking and, in one case, failure of tower rods.

As we learn more details about last week’s tragic balcony collapse in downtown Berkeley, we are reminded how often we rely on the assumption that the buildings in which we live, work, and play are sound.   When this proves not to be the case, injuries and fatalities often follow.  In addition to premises liability claims against property owners (discussed in last week’s blog post, linked below), these tragedies can give rise to claims against those who built the faulty structure.  Today’s blog post from our San Francisco construction defect injury law firm looks at this subset of civil injury litigation.

Waterproofing Problems Eyed in Deadly Balcony Collapse

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the investigation in the balcony collapse appears to be focusing on the company responsible for waterproofing the structure.  The paper says Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates has suggested that, while the investigation is still underway, there is a “high probability” that water caused the wood supporting the fourth-floor balcony to weaken.  The article also cites experts who have examined photographs of the damage and identified signs of moisture-related rot.  Further, these experts suggest the photos show damage to the waterproof membrane intended to protect the wood supports, damage the experts believe dates back to the balcony’s construction that may have allowed moisture to invade the structure and rot the beam.

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