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explosionThis September will mark the five-year anniversary of the massive San Bruno pipeline accident that killed eight and left dozens injured.  Sadly, pipeline explosions remain a very real and very present threat as became all-too-clear to another California community on Friday.  As a California pipeline explosion lawyer, Attorney Greg Brod stands ready to help when pipeline explosions cause injury and/or death.  Our legal team strongly believes that holding companies accountable for pipeline accidents not only compensates the injured/grieving but also helps prevent future tragedies.

Pipeline Explosion Rocks Fresno

It was just before 2:30 P.M. on Friday.  At the Fresno County Peace Officers’ Range near Highway 99, deputies, a prison work crew, and others were hard at work.  Suddenly, as reported by The San Francisco Chronicle (discussion based on version revised at 9:03 A.M. Saturday) the day turned from routine to unforgettable as an explosion rang out.  Flames sprouted to the treetops, rising more than 100 feet in the air.  The explosion and the intense heat it generated left at least 11 people injured and requiring hospital aid, including four in critical condition and two in serious condition.

Oil and gas are essential utilities that help keep our modern world moving and the oil and gas industries are important parts of our nation’s economy.  However, as the residents of San Bruno know far too well, oil and gas lines can be incredibly dangerous.  At the Brod Law Firm, our Northern California pipeline accident lawyer believes that safety must be priority number one and our team is ready to step forward to help anyone injured in a pipeline accident.

SanBrunoRecalling a Day Many Will Never Forget

Last fall, ABC7 marked a somber anniversary, calling September 9, 2010 “the day no one can forget.”  On that date, a PG&E natural gas pipeline exploded in San Bruno sparking a huge fire that one resident compared to “a geyser of flames.”  The blaze ultimately claimed eight lives and left 66 people injured.  Thirty-eight homes were destroyed and more than a dozen lots remained vacant as of the four-year anniversary.  Not surprisingly, residents remain angry with PG&E despite the $1.4 billion fine levied against the industry giant, noting that the incident could have been prevented and saying the company has not properly apologized to those impacted by the tragedy.

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