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hogarth-de-la-plante-17754-copy-300x179On Monday, April 30, a California Highway Patrol (CHP) vehicle was parked on the right shoulder of I-80 in Fairfield. It was struck from behind by a white Mitsubishi Mirage prior to 3:40 p.m. The Mitsubishi driver and two passengers, one seated in the back and the other in the front passenger seat, were all seriously injured and taken to a local hospital. The CHP officer suffered moderate injuries. The accident is currently under investigation. If the Mitsubishi driver is found to be at fault, then the injured parties may file a personal injury claim against the driver and their insurance policy.

If you were injured in a crash in California, do not hesitate to ask for legal help. The personal injury lawyers at Brod Law Firm have years of experience handling car accident claims. By calling us, you obtain an experienced and knowledgeable advocate who will fight hard for your right to compensation. Contact Brod Law Firm today online or by calling (800) 427-7020.

Common Causes of Rear-End Accidents

lili-popper-29464-300x169It turns out, you do not have to be in a car to get into a car crash. You can be involved in an auto accident while sitting in your living room. On March 26, a vehicle struck home after being involved in a traffic accident, according to the Redwood City Fire Department. The original two-vehicle collision occurred at 34 Center Street around 8:00 p.m. There were no reports of injuries in this particularly incident. However, not all families are so lucky.

While vehicle-into-building accidents are not as common as traffic collisions, they are not so few and far between that you can ignore the risk. Some statistics say around 60 vehicles crash into commercial buildings per day across United States. The rate is likely higher when including residential houses and apartment buildings. If you are injured by a vehicle colliding with the building you were in, whether at home or work, contact an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney at Brod Law Firm.

Common Causes of Vehicle-into-Building Accidents

moher9rdrgy-arkady-lifshits-300x198Self-driving cars are being tested across the country and may soon become a more common way to get around town. Self-driving Uber vehicles, however, will no longer be allowed on San Francisco streets, at least for the time-being. An ongoing battle between Uber and California regulators has finally resulted in a ban on permits to Uber self-driving vehicles. The ban comes after complaints from cyclists and others that these vehicles have been breaking the law and causing unsafe conditions on the road.

Concerns Over Safety

Self-driving Uber cars just showed recently up on the streets and already there are serious safety concerns. Although these vehicles have drivers aboard, there are fears that the cars are not properly adhering to traffic laws. The most important worry is that the vehicles do not make legal right turns. Vehicles are supposed to merge into the right lane to accommodate bicyclists safely. However, Uber technology may not handle turns in that manner. Instead, the vehicles make a right turn without merging, cutting off cyclists. This could cause accidents and major injuries for bike riders. Recently, a motorist claimed that a self-driving Uber vehicle ran a red light.

hehpvm5xqvq-mike-wilson-300x200Starting in January 2017, various new laws are slated to take effect in California. Some of the laws are designed to improve traffic or driver safety. Here are some of the new laws that you should be aware of for the coming year from the California legislature.

Restricted Cell Phone Use by Motorists

The new law prohibits drivers from holding any type of wireless device, including a cell phone.  It is suggested that the device should be mounted in the lower corner of the windshield on the passenger side, or in a five-inch corner of the lower windshield on the driver side. Alternatively, the device can be mounted on the dashboard as long as it does not obstruct the airbag, or the driver’s view of the road. Cell phone use is a concern because distracted driving causes thousands of traffic accidents and hundreds of deaths each year.

rrj0aa6aipq-matteo-paganelli-300x200Speeding and aggressive driving are among the most common causes of accidents and injuries in California. California Highway Patrol, CHP, recently announced that they will be heading a campaign to bring more awareness to road safety. The campaign is designed to specifically address speeding and aggressive driving. CHP received a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA.

Speeding is the Most Common Cause of Accidents

According to CHP Commissioner, Joe Farrow, speeding is the number one cause of traffic accidents in California. Highways are often a place where serious accidents may occur due to vehicles driving at a high rate of speed. Speeding may apply not only to driving faster than the posted limit, but also to driving at a speed that is unsafe for road conditions. Speed was a factor in about 43% of all fatal accidents in California in the fiscal year 2013 – 2014.

Tour_bus_in_ThailandNo two car crashes or highway collisions are the same, and no matter how many victims you help recover compensation through the civil courts, you can never be truly prepared for the carnage and tragedy of a crash like the one that happened this week on Interstate 10. There, a tour bus returning from a casino slammed into the back of a slow-moving tractor-trailer truck. The truck was believed to have been traveling at five miles per hour because of utility work that was going on; the bus is believed to have been traveling over 60 miles per hour when it struck the trailer. The crash killed 13 individuals and injured another 31, making it one of the deadliest car crashes in state history.

“No Evidence the Driver Applied the Brakes”

According to a Fox News report, the California Highway Patrol concluded that there was no evidence the driver of the tour bus applied the brakes to the bus before striking the tractor-trailer. In order to make this conclusion in this or any other car crash case, investigators usually look at two pieces of evidence:

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